Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter, Crown Uzama, known professionally as Shallipopi, revealed in a statement that he loves his best friend so much, as they’ve been to prison together and experienced a lot.

Hence, they must marry together and do many other things together.

In a video that has attracted attention on social media, Shallipopi could be seen speaking about his friend while his friend acted very surprised and laughed.

“We went to prison together, we must marry together” – Shallipopi reaffirms commitment to ex-convict best friend

The singer said, “We’re besties. We went to prison together, experienced a lot together, and we ain’t leaving each other for eternity.”

“If we marry like this, both of us will marry. He’ll be with his bride, I’ll be with mine in the same compound. When they say we must kiss our bride, we both must kiss our brides at the same time.”

Anything we do, we must do together. We came to this life together, my brother from another mother.”

The singer’s statement attracted attention on social media, with many people commenting on the post to share their observations.

See some reactions below: 

ivy love: “‎Kaii see Shallipopi lips God😭🥰🥰😘 I com dey feel like say na me him won kiss.”

ivy beauty: “‎But shalli you say you nr go love so waiting I come day hear today na e come make me nr believe in love again.”