TikToker Buba Girl (Esther Raphael) [FULL VIDEOS]

Here’s the full leaked sextape video of popular TikTok influencer, Esther Raphael a.k.a Buba Girl that went viral online.

TikToker, Esther Raphael popularly known as the Buba Girl has taken to social media to react to her leaked sextape video that went viral on social media platforms.


In case you’re not aware, the popular Nigerian TikToker has been trending following her leaked nude and sex tape video engaging in a live masturbation.


She was allegedly blackmailed by some guys after failing to agree to their terms.


It appears the Calabar TikTok star is unperturbed by the whole scandal, as can be perceived from her IG stories.

The entire world learned about the incident after a video titled “Buba Girl Esther Raphael Leaked Video On TikTok” was uploaded to the Internet. It wasn’t long before several of his videos went viral on the web. Quickly becoming one of the web’s hottest topics, the video has gone viral. Online video viewers have a hunger for context surrounding the content they’re seeing. Some sexually suggestive scenes appeared in the video.


A Tiktok star who goes by the name ‘The Buba Girl’ has been found in hot soup as she mistakenly sent her ‘atopa’ video to someone on her list.


According to sources, the recipient didn’t waste time in a slap spreading it. The Buba Girl is said to be the crush of many guys due to her beauty and dancing prowess on the app.