In today’s article we are going to be analyzing the top most influential artists residing in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country with a good number of Population and mostly referred to as the giant of Africa and has diverse number of top charting music Artists.

Artist is known to be those people who entertains the world in terms of Music, Video and other related social activities.

In Nigeria many classical and highly talented artists has risen over the years and still counting. Meanwhile we will be unveiling the most famous amongst the Nigerian artists.

From multiple research and Popular opinions on choosing and mopping out the most influential artist in Nigeria, reports and multiple results has shown that the DMW Boss and CEO known as “Davido Adeleke” (aka OBO). is the most loved, cherished and famous Nigerian Music artist.

From the research made so far “Davido” has unequivocally helped so many young artists rise to fame including Mayorkun and many others. his fans often all him 001.

Davido has released so many popular sound track which is currently rocking the music industry and all his songs are damn good and superb.

Davido started nursing his music career right from childhood and has make significant progress in the recent time. Davido Adeleke despite coming from a rich parents works tirelessly in the music industry in other to come out victorious in his dreams.

Davido as the most influential Nigerian Music artist, he has released so many songs which includes: Chioma my Lover, Am Unavailable, Feel, Away which many of the songs came from his latest Album 2023 released title “Timeless”.

Davido which is by full name as David Adedeji Adeleke is currently in a relationship with an Igbo lady named Chioma which gave birth to so many kids for Davido.

Davido’s Wife Chioma recently gave birth to twins this year 2023 after the lost of the formal beloved son Ifeanyi Adeleke. The arrival of the baby has skyrocketed in the internet which has got many of Davido’s fans talking and has greatly made Davido more famous and globally recognized.

When we talk of the most globally recognized Nigerian artist as a world brand we look back to Davido has his Music legacies are topnotch and speaks good of him.

As a fan of good music there is no how you won’t know and cherish Davido as all his songs are super credible and greatly appreciated in the music industry as it always comes with highly remarkable lyrics and sound.

Davido is a very free celebrity which accommodates many upcoming superstars under his care and cares for his fans more than every other celebrities.

In the recent time following the death of one of Nigeria’s Popular and fast rising artist Mobahb (Imole) Davido out of his generosity gifts the family of the deceased with the sum of 2 million naira to assist them in their trying time.

Davido out of his magnanimity has also gifted so many of his boys cars which one of them is Israel formly called by name as (JuJu). Davido gifted Israel with a brand new Toyota Venza lately which also added to his fame as it spiked up many outrageous gossip, gist and appreciations from his fans and lovers of good things across the world.

Davido is arguably the most influential music artist we have in Nigeria today and he is most often referred to as 001 in the world of music.

In the music industry Davido has made an overwhelming success with his good vibes and unwavering support to the young and upcoming music artists.

Davido due to his famous life and music career has featured so many international artists in his songs which includes an American based Afrobeat king Chris brown and many others internationally celebrated music artists.

In Nigeria and beyond Davido as the most influential artist who has won so many awards and received diverse recognitions including Afrima just to mention but a few and still counting.

Davido’s songs are all a super and chart topping sound track that is globally glorified and ranking to one of the most played jamz across the continent.

So in this article we have made you to understand in clear terms that David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido “OBO The Baddest” is the most influential and famous Nigerian music artist.

Davido is often said to be the man of the moment as he keeps inspiring young artists on daily basis with support and super sound melodies which echoes the soul and brings joy of the mind.

The Fans of Davido across the world greatly appreciate him on daily basis for his my music career prowess and always call on the masses and lovers of good music across the world to keep supporting Davido to move up and trend higher as the most influential music artist not only in Nigeria but in the world music Industry.