Psycho YP Hip Hop star drops deluxe version of acclaimed EP ‘Osapa London’

Psycho YP Hip Hop star drops deluxe version of acclaimed EP 'Osapa London'

PsychoYP celebrates the success of his widely acclaimed ‘Osapa London’ EP with an explosive deluxe edition.

This deluxe release features three brand-new trap-heavy singles, showcasing PsychoYP’s versatility and his commitment to elevating the Nigerian rap scene.

The EP introduces collaboration with new-generation star, Prettyboy D-O, whose exciting Alternative style combines brilliantly with PsychoYP’s signature style.

For the deluxe version of his critically acclaimed EP ‘Osapa London’ Psycho YP also taps emerging artists as he uses his platform to spotlight coming Emcees in the Nigerian rap scene.

PsychoYP earlier kicked off the viral ‘Lean!’ open-verse challenge, and the select winners were featured on the deluxe. EceeRhoma BTW, and Zaylevelten, rap upstarts with incredible potential, all brought their distinctive flows to the EP.

PsychoYP, known for his lyrical prowess and new school approach, expressed his excitement about this deluxe edition. “Osapa London has been a journey, and I wanted to celebrate its success by bringing in fresh energy and talent. Prettyboy D-O and the winners of the ‘Lean!’ challenge brought their A-game, and I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

On the ‘Osapa London Deluxe EP’ fans can expect a rollercoaster of trap vibes, showcasing the evolution of PsychoYP‘s sound and the promising future of Nigerian rap.

Aptly described as the ‘Fresh Prince of Nigerian rap’, 24-year-old culture icon PsychoYP is one of the pioneers and leaders of the new wave of rap and hip-hop music in Nigeria.

As a multi-faceted artist with a diverse and progressive sound that cuts across rap, trap, grime, drill, and R&B music, PsychoYP has received critical acclaim from major music publications in Nigeria and around the world.

PsychoYP who already boasts one of the best rap discographies on the continent, is set to continue pushing the boundaries of Hip Hip in Nigeria.