Nigerian Singer Tems To Drop New Album

Nigerian Singer Tems To Drop New Album

Tems is one of the artists leading the international exportation of Nigerian music through her captivating music that has won the hearts of millions of listeners around the world

In a news exclusively reveale to her fans through her Instagram channel, Tems said that she has a new single dropping on Friday, December 8, 2023

The announcement came as a surprise to her fans who were not expecting a new release from the Grammy winner who has only released one single this year.

The Instagram channel garnered over 23,000 members just a few minutes after Tems opened it. In her first message to her fans, Tems informed them that the channel will serve as a medium for exclusive news. She also stated that she can’t wait to tell them what she has in store for them. Her announcement of her upcoming single is one of the first major news she has since shared on the channel

In October, Tems released her first single for 2023 titled ‘Me & U’. The R&B and Amapiano fusion enjoyed a warm reception and reached the top 10 of TurnTable Top 100.we

Tems one of the Megasuper star in Nigeria, and international and she was a excorted to Nigeria by one of her hit song that has million of listener World wide.

The superstar Tems In a news exclusively revealed her as she ets to drop her new single, for the first in 2023 titled ‘Me & U’ she gain her international name front the song essence with she had another big Nigeria superstar WizKid.

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