Late President Sata’s Anniversary Should be Celebrated with Dignity and Respect- Vice President Nalumango

Vice President Mutale Nalumango has urged Zambians to honor the memory of the late President Michael Sata with dignity and respect. She described the late President as a hardworking man who was committed to his political cause and should be remembered as a leader who won the hearts of many through his commitment to development.

Regarding security arrangements for the 9th-anniversary celebration of late President Sata, Mrs. Nalumango assured the assembly that the event has been consistently marked with lawful and respectful observance. She affirmed that the Zambian police would provide the necessary security measures for the commemoration, reflecting the government’s commitment to honoring the memory of the late President in a fitting manner.

This message of reverence for the late President came during a parliamentary session where Vice President Nalumango also addressed other important matters.

Late President Sata’s Anniversary Should be Celebrated with Dignity and Respect- Vice President Nalumango

She disclosed that the Zambian government is currently in the process of evaluating a proposal put forth by the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to establish a smelter in Kabompo District. Mrs. Nalumango shared this information in response to a question raised by Member of Parliament for Lunte, Mutotwe Kafwaya. The inquiry sought to gain clarity on ZNS’s intentions to construct a smelter valued at 15 billion United States Dollars in Kabompo.

The Vice President explained that ZNS has taken the necessary steps to secure licenses and is actively engaging with potential investors to gather the required expertise and resources for the project. The proposed smelter is expected to have a significant impact on the local economy, provided that it is deemed feasible and beneficial by the government.

During the session, Mrs. Nalumango also touched upon the agricultural sector, expressing the government’s commitment to addressing challenges faced in previous farming seasons. She emphasized the importance of ensuring timely delivery of agricultural inputs to farmers and informed the assembly that the distribution process has already commenced across various regions of the country. Designated depots are currently receiving and distributing these essential agricultural resources.