Impeachment: Why APC Peace committee members give Aiyedatiwa soft landing

Ahead of the submission of the committee inaugurated by the national leadership of the All Progressive Congress, to wade into the crisis between the Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu and his embattled deputy, Hon Lucky Aiyedatiwa, indication emerged that majority of the members have sympathy for Aiyedatiwa.

Recall that the National Chairman Abdullahi Ganduje, had inaugurated members of the reconciliation committee set up to resolve the political disagreement between Governor Akeredolu, and Aiyedatiwa.

The committee had invited and engaged the Chairman of the party in the state, Ade Adetimehin, Aiyedatiwa and members of the National Assembly in Abuja.

Giving an insight to what transpired at the Abuja peace meeting presided by the party’s chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, a party leader said that was why the committee members tactically gave the deputy governor a soft landing.

According to the source,” majority of the committee members have taken side with Aiyedatiwa, because they have an unresolved grudge with Akeredolu.

“The grudges against Akeredolu were based on his intervention on national issues, especially his outspokenness during the former President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

‘The committee already made up its mind. Except for the former governor of Osun State and Lagos State deputy governor, others in the committee have one or two issues to settle with the governor.

“Many of them have been waiting for an opportunity to flex muscle with the governor. They see Akeredolu as a very stubborn person. They didn’t like his public stance on issues like Fulani herdsmen and demand for restructuring.

“There are people in the committee that hated Akeredolu because he led the establishment of Amotekun in the Southwest. Most of the moves against the governor now are because of his stance on national issues.

“The committee is also biased. Truth is that, seven out of the eight members of the House of Representatives and the three Senators from the state have asked Aiyedatiwa to go and apologize to his boss, but the committee is assuring him that nothing will happen to him even if he doesn’t apologize.

“‘As it stands, the committee is not giving any chance to the governor. Even without calling the governor, they are getting ready to prepare their recommendation to the party. It’s clear that the recommendation will be against the governor and members of the House of Assembly.”

We’re not against political solution- Ondo Assembly

The members of the state House of Assembly, have expressed the desire of the APC members in the House to further consult with other members of the House cutting across party lines, on the political solution as proposed by the APC.

The spokesperson of the assembly, Hon Olatunji Oshati Emmanuel, said that ” The APC lawmakers therefore believe that in the same spirit of genuine drive for a political solution, the Deputy-Governor would take immediate steps to withdraw the multiple court cases he filed over the same impeachment.

Impeachment: Why APC Peace committee members give Aiyedatiwa soft landing

“This would allow the stakeholders to freely discuss the settlement proposals and prevent actions or comments over a matter that is still subjudice

*** Why Akeredolu hasn’t returned to Ondo – Aide

The Special Adviser on Special Duty and Strategy to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, Dr Doyin Odebowale, has given reason why the governor was yet to be back in the state since his return from medical vacation Abroad.

Odebowale said the governor is not back in Akure, the state capital because of accommodation challenges.

Featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Odebowale said because of Governor Akeredolu‘s state of health, he needed a better apartment to carry out his task of marshalling the affairs of the South-West state.

“Akeredolu came back in September. Where he used to stay – the Presidential Lodge built for the visiting president at that time Olusegun Obasanjo – is a two-bedroom apartment,” he said on the show.

“Now, he is back. He cannot occupy that place again. The Old Governor’s Office – the Governor’s Lodge built by the previous administration is now the office of the investment outlet called the ODIPA. That’s the office.

“So, the governor has been managing a two-bedroom apartment for six years. But his current state of health would not permit him to pretend that all is well.

“He would need all the things for him to recover properly. That’s why the new place that is being arranged for him is almost completed.”

Odebowale wondered why critics want his principal back in the state, maintaining that governance has been going on smoothly despite Akeredolu not being physically present in Ondo State.

“When they say they want to see Aketi, do they want to see him at the site so that he would be carrying cement or following workmen? What exactly? The civil servants have been paid all their salaries. Aketi has been signing laws since he came back.

“The governor is in charge, he is recuperating, convalescing, the governor was visited by the APC leadership from Abuja, they saw him, he was in a hurry to return to Akure and they know who is sponsoring these people

Odebowale said that the ripples over Akeredolu’s absence showed he’s “surrounded by enemies from within. Even his family.

*** Akeredolu has constitutional authority to govern Ondo from anywhere in Nigeria – Right Lawyer

A human rights lawyer, Morakinyo Ogele, has said that Akeredolu possesses the legal authority to govern the state from any part of Nigeria, as per the provisions outlined in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.

Speaking with newsmen in Akure, Ogele argued that such concerns should not have arisen, particularly due to the absence of any disruption in the governance of the state.

Ogele said that the constitution does not mandate that a governor must reside in the state they were elected to govern, as he stressed that Akeredolu has fulfilled his responsibilities as the governor.

“We are all human beings, and we are subject to the vis major, the act of God. No one is praying to God for the grace to be sick. But the moment you are sick, you just have to take care of yourself, either here in Nigeria or in other countries. So, as governor, he is subject to sickness.

“The constitution is very clear about the issue. Now that the governor is around, nobody has accused him of not performing his constitutional role.

“Section 189 of the Constitution is as clear as the summer sky. As of now, no one is complaining that the governor has not been performing.

“The moment he arrived, he signed the LCDAs bill into law, and the salary of workers is going on smoothly. It is one thing not to perform his constitutional roles; it is another thing that he is performing. If he cannot perform as governor, that is where the constitution comes in.

“There are lots of lacunae in our constitution. The constitution has not indicted any governor who is not within his state to perform his constitutional roles.

” That is why we need to amend our constitution. The constitution has failed to address the question of whether a governor can operate from outside the state. There is nowhere in the constitution that the governor can only operate in Ondo State.

“Politicians read meaning to everything. They are preparing for another election, hence the present scenario in the state.

“As far as I’m concerned, Akeredolu has exposed this state to development. When you see all the roads constructed by his administration you will commend him for a job well done.

“As we speak, construction of the first flyover in the state capital is ongoing. Don’t forget he has constructed one in Ore during his first term. This is unprecedented in the state.

“Look at the Amotekun Corps, Even in the entire south-west, the Amotekun project has been a success. When insecurity was rampant in the region, Akeredolu mobilised all his colleagues in the south-west to form Amotekun. Akeredolu is our savior in the Southwest.

“In all fairness, the activities of kidnappers within the south west have drastically reduced. Akeredolu is security conscious, and he believes in the rule of law.”