“I disagree with Hilda Baci” As Yvonne Godswill packs Ghana Jollof to Nigeria; (VIDEO)

"I disagree with Hilda Baci" As Yvonne Godswill packs Ghana Jollof to Nigeria; (VIDEO)

Big Brother Titan stars Yvonne Godswill and Khosi Twala have overturned Hilda Baci’s ruling on Ghana Jollof.

The Nigerian celebrity chef in a viral video sparked the Ghana Jollof versus Nigerian Jollof war again as she has declared her country’s Jollof as the best, however, her fellow Nigerian, Yvonne Goodswill disagrees with her statement.

Hilda Baci whilst speaking on a podcast has said that she has tasted Ghana Jollof and she can confidently say that it’s not as good as Nigerian Jollof. The former Guinness World Record holder added that Ghana Jollof has no flavour.

Nigerian jollof is actually better than Ghana Jollof, I have been to Ghana, I have eaten their jollof, I have done a competition with a Ghanaian chef that made his best Jollof and I have seen the recipe,” she said.

Hilda Baci continued that Ghana Jollof has no flavour as she said ” but with Nigerian Jollof, Nigerians don’t play with flavour building“. The comments have once again reignited the Jollof war on social media as Ghanaians trash Hilda’s opinion.

However, Yvonne Godswill during an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana said she disagrees with Hilda’s opinion.

Yvonne who was in Ghana with Big Brother Titan winner, Khosi Twala, appeared in Ghana’s Fun Facts show as best friends. During the interaction, it was revealed Yvonne had packed Ghana Jollof to Nigeria because she loves it.

“I will miss the people, Ghanaians are so hospitable. I will miss the jollof” she said when she was asked what she will miss about Ghana if she goes back to Nigeria. Commenting on Hilda’s statement, she said “I really don’t know why she said it was flavourless“.

It’s not flavourless, let’s star from there. Maybe it also depends on the chef that made it for her because I feel like the first time I had jollof here, I didn’t like it but this time that I came and had jollof, for me to take packs back to Nigeria, you should know what it means”.

Hear more from the best friends in the video below who shared their thoughts about Ghanaian men, their personal lives and so much more.