Halle – Bailey Sometimes I want to respond  on those negative comments online

Halle - Bailey Sometimes I want to respond  on those negative comments online

But as the graceful queen she is, she never actually does.

America’s sweetheart Halle Bailey wishes people would realise that actors are human beings too, noting that sometimes harsh comments get to her.

Bailey teamed up with fellow actress Rachel Zeglar for an interview with Variety, speaking on their careers in the film industry and the issues they face. Among the issues discussed was dealing with backlash and hurtful comments on social media, which they have both encountered by virtue of their jobs.

Speaking on how she had to adjust to the negativity, she said, “Of course, we are sensitive human beings, and we are actors. I get my feelings hurt when my cat does not want to sit next to me. That’s what people don’t realise; we’re granted amazing opportunities and able to be seen on massive screens, but there is a dissociation. People start taking you away from being a real human being that has feelings and reacts to things. That was definitely something that I had to navigate. But it turned out to be the most beautiful lesson — to block any naysayers or negativity out.”


Bailey has faced her fair share of negative comments over the years, but she rarely responds to trolls. However, she has now stated that sometimes keeping her cool is not as easy as it seems; adding that sometimes she wants to clap back.

“People say, ‘Oh, she’s so sweet. She’s so nice.’ But a lot of times when I see stuff online, I get mad. I want to respond, but I’ll just be like, ‘No, it’s OK.’ The way you’re so graceful and respond, it’s just the most beautiful thing to see. Because it’s hard being women under the spotlight. People are so critical and say anything that they would never say to your face.”

The singer cum actress has recently been exposed to a different level of criticisms ever since the internet caught wind that she might be pregnant, which she neither confirmed nor denied. Lately, she has been seen wearing free and poofy outfits to events, which people speculate is to conceal ‘the baby bump,’ and social media users have been extra critical of the potential pregnancy. Even though many have consistently slammed her for refusing to confirm or deny the reports, calling out her enhanced features, Bailey has remained classy for the most part.