Hadiza Abubakar — I’d rather remain single than cheat on a partner

Hadiza Abubakar — I’d rather remain single than cheat on a partner

Nollywood actress, Hadiza Abubakar, describes herself as someone who embraces life one day at a time. Not driven by desperation, Abubakar wants to pursue her passion for acting and make a mark in the movie industry. She speaks with Segun Adebayo about her career and what her fans should expect from her.

You seem to have this smile that usually portrays you as someone who takes life easy. Could you tell us how your career as an actress has played out over the years?

I take life easy as it comes; one day at a time and I live everyday like it’s my last because someone you said goodnight to last night, might not be awake to say good morning to you the next day.  Life isn’t always rosy neither fair but when there is life, there is hope that better days are surely ahead. I’m spiritually sound; I put God first in all I do and I won’t stop putting in the work. I believe that one day; I’ll surely shine bright like the star that I am.

It’s interesting. Growth is inevitable and must happen. I’m happy about it because people who have different notions or perspectives about the Yoruba industry will begin to see otherwise. People work hard, no jokes and it’s going to continue growing because they won’t stop now. I mean they won’t stop putting in the work.

For somebody who has been in the arts for some time; do you really think you have come of age in the business of movie making?

Come of age? I don’t think so because my journey is still far. I have many senior colleagues who can’t even count how many blockbusters they’ve released. Who am I to say I have come of age? I still have a long way to go in movie making business.

We have had tales of how producers try to take advantage of their position to influence aspiring actors or actresses to do their bidding. Did you go through this at any stage?

I didn’t come into the industry as a desperate girl, that’s why I refused to do their bidding. Almost all female actresses had passed through their harassment stage and I’ll always say it, it’s a thing of choice! They can’t force you! Whatever consequences that arise now or in the nearest future, live with it because you made your choice.

How exactly did you come to the conclusion that acting is your thing?

I’ve always had it in me since childhood. So when I came of age, I decided to study it in school and my parents were completely in support of it. My happiness has always been their priority and I’m grateful to God for them. So yes, I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Benin where I studied Theatre Arts.

With the competitive nature of the industry where you play, how do you manage to put your face and name in the minds of producers to keep calling you for jobs?

I remind myself daily that I’m only in competition with myself. This philosophy that has helped and still helping me in dealing with the challenges I come across. Of course, I do reach out to them but they have a lot of us. Yes, I want to be seen more and I want to be out there, but as I always say, please give me roles that I merit; give me roles that I don’t have to kiss ass to get. Give me roles you didn’t have to rob someone of her daily bread to give me or cause someone else’s tears. That’s what causes unnecessary beef in the industry. The industry is wide enough for everyone.

The industry has welcomed the big investors like Netflix, Amazon and even Prime. We have seen what they did with some of the blockbuster movies released recently. What is your plan to be in such cast?

I have one on prime now and looking forward to many more features. But like I said earlier, everyone needs to grow. I’m already looking in the direction of producing movies for the big screens too very soon. I told myself I just don’t want to be featured in any movie but movies with lessons that cut across children and adults and it’s been manifesting.

As a pretty woman, they say it is hard for some of you to find real love, giving the job you do and being in the faces of the people. Have you ever struggled to keep your man?

I don’t struggle to keep men because of my career. In fact I run from men. I hardly date because I don’t want my fragile heart to be broken. I’m a homely lady. I love and appreciate family so much, that’s why I guard my heart. It’s just common sense that when you find true love or get married to a man who accepts you and your job, the best way to thank him or respect him is to stop accepting role that portrays nudity or making out; it’s that simple.

How do you manage to stay loyal and committed to your partner considering the mouth-watering offers you might get if you were single?

Even when single, it’s not every offer you’ll accept. The same way we don’t eat every food that comes our way is the same way we mustn’t sleep with everyone who wants to sleep with us regardless of the offers. I’ll rather stay single than date someone I’ll cheat on. I’m a loyal, contended and committed partner. And if I agree to date you, just know I’ve handed you my mumu button.

Have you ever been under pressure to stay afloat?

That’s normal to every individual. Sometimes you feel you’re not doing enough or your best isn’t good enough but never give up.

When scripts are not coming, what do you do by the side?

I’m a chef and I have a food business. I am also a philanthropist and a farmer.

Tell us about your latest movie project and the ones you are producing or produced?

I’m currently on a project for the big screen but can’t disclose the name.

I have my latest movie coming out very soon on YouTube, ELEMI ASE. It’s my first Yoruba debut. I’ve produced two English movies and I’m working on many more.

What’s that thing about being famous that you dread most?

Having to diversify and play different characters. That way I don’t get stereotyped or boxed.