Flood kills seven youths in Plateau 

No fewer than seven young persons were killed between Sunday and Monday in Jos, Plateau State, as a result of heavy rains causing overflooding in the areas.


According to community leaders in Eto Baba and Rikkos, Ajayi Dahunsi and Mohammed Musa respectivel6, the rivers became aggressive, sweeping away seven young people, who were on errands and killing them in the mud.


“The people around the waterlogged areas told us to follow the rivers to the end. We did that. This time, the rains had subsided as they overflew the banks of the rivers.


“Nevertheless, we were able to recover the bloated lifeless bodies of the seven who drowned in the dirty water. We removed them one after another because every community was able to identify its victims. We carried them for immediate burial at different locations,” they painfully stressed.


MEANWHILE, Governor Caleb Mutfwang, on Monday night’s broadcast to the citizens, accused some of the privileged few of fanning embers of disunity in the state. He told the youths not to allow people with unexplained wealth to instigate them into violence.


“These are people, who occupy positions of honour but are actually dishonourable.


“Unfortunately, their dubious wealth has not brought them the honour they crave for; hence, their resolve to seek the destabilisation of our dear state,” he said.


Mutfwang regretted that upon being sworn in as governor, he met the state in dire need of attention and repair, with so many institutional and physical structures at the verge of collapse, despite the beautiful and blessed land given the state by God with abundant human and natural resources.


According to him, the administration has never been under any illusion that the task ahead would be easy, as it decided not to blame the previous administration for the appalling state that they met.