Family demands incident report and repatriation of passenger that died aboard EgyptAir


The family of late Remilekun Toyosi Meshioye, a passenger on EgyptAir flight MS 876, has demanded the incident report, cabin video footage and the repatriation of Meshioye’s remains back to Nigeria.

The family, in reaction to a meeting between the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) and General Manager of EgyptAir in Abuja, Majdi Al Aridi, said proper closure remains the priority of the family.


Meshioye, 43, departed Lagos for London, aboard EgyptAir flight MS 876 on Monday, September 4, 2023. She was later confirmed dead in Cairo, Egypt.


Family’s petition alleged the negligence of the EgyptAir airline and failure to formally contact her next-of-kin. The family, in a response signed by Olufunmilola Olaniyi-Alabi, on behalf of the Meshioye family, and made available to The Guardian, yesterday, faults Aridi’s claim that the deceased died in transit and not onboard the aircraft.


Olaniyi-Alabi noted that the medical report from Egypt (sent to the family by the Embassy of Nigeria in Cairo, Egypt), showed that the deceased died onboard .

According to the medical report, “she was completely unconscious, no pulse and respiratory malfunction, no response to the cardiopulmonary resuscitation” and was no longer breathing and that “the passenger was delivered to Heliopolis Hospital as a dead body.”


The family said EgyptAir might wish to quarrel with the medical report, but it is unjustified for the airline to unconscionably aggravate the grief of the family with Mr Aridi’s words that “the deceased died on transit and not on board as against the claims by the family.”

The family added that they desired to receive her corpse in Lagos, for peaceful burial, and accordingly, noted the commitment of EgyptAir/Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo to work out modalities to bring back the corpse to Nigeria.


“The family’s position is that EgyptAir (or any of their appointed proxies, partners, or agents) must defray the total cost of repatriation of the corpse to Lagos, Nigeria. The luggage and documents of Remilekun in possession of EgyptAir should be returned to the family intact.”

For transparency, the family reemphasised its demand from EgyptAir for the incident report, CCTV footage of what transpired on board Flight MS 876, and at the Cairo airport after the flight landed.


Questioned were: “What triggered the disaster on board? How did EgyptAir cabin crew handle the situation? Did the crew have the equipment required on board international flights to attend to health emergencies on board, and was such equipment used on Remilekun?”The family requested NIDCOM to demand for a reasonable and specific timeframe from EgyptAir to respond to all the petitions.


“At this moment, we wish to note that, not only Remilekun’s family, but Nigerians are asking, ‘Would EgyptAir treat an American or Westerner the way they have treated Remilekun and her family?’


“The Federal Government of Nigeria needs to wipe this shame off our nation and make Remilekun’s case an example of how Nigeria will force the respect of her citizens anywhere in the world,” the family stated.