He promised his kids that he was going to walk and stand one day.

Popular Nigerian gospel singer and founder of Fresh and Blast FM, Olayinka Joel Ayefele, professionally known as Yinka Ayefele, has shared an emotional moment online, where his kids were questioning him about why he could not walk.

The music producer revealed that his kids had always questioned him about his inability to walk and he decided to answer them today.

The video which he shared on YouTube has gotten many of his fans and followers really emotional as his kids kept inquiring about what lead to his condition.

“Daddy, why can’t you stand?” – An Emotional moment when Yinka Ayefele gots questioned by his son about his inability to stand or walk (video)

The singer also shared some part of the clip on his official Instagram page in remembrance of the event which happened 26 years ago.

While narrating the story to his kids he said;

“It’s been long, it was a motor car accident. It was on December 12 1997, it was almost around this time some years back, during the festive period. I was the one driving but the road was slippery so that’s how my car tumbled like six times and it ended in a bush and a deep pit, then some people came to rescue me and they took me to the hospital, then they took me to London for treatment in Royal National Orthopedic hospital.”

His children appeared sad while they conversed about his condition but he, in turn, promised them that he was going to walk one day.

Watch the video below,