Best fun places to visit in lagos under 2k

Here are carefully selected must-see locations that appeal to everyone looking for a break.

1:  Lekki conservation centre

According to Nigerian Price, their activities and entry fees cost between N500 – N1500.The Lekki Conservation Centre offers an inviting sanctuary far from city chaos while tucked away in the city’s centre.

Numerous animals, such as monkeys and several bird species, find this vast natural reserve home. Its canopy walkway, open to visitors and offers stunning views of the verdant surroundings, makes it the ideal location for families and nature lovers.

2:   Elegushi Beach

It’s an ideal spot to unwind after a long work week or to socialize with friends. According to Kamparitours, the entrance fee at Elegushi is between N1000 and N2000.

3:   Freedom Park


It’s a historical landmark surrounded by greenery expressions of the arts and culture.

This Park is situated on the former site of a Lagos colonial prison; walking into the peaceful Park in the centre of bustling Lagos Island feels a little strange yet pleasant because it is right in the middle of downtown Lagos. The entrance fee is N200.