‘BBNaija’ Princess and Phyna exchange words on Twitter over abortions

Things are getting hurter on Twitter as Big Brother   Princess and alumni Phyna exchange words over the former’s disagreement on abortions.

The former reality show winner, Phyna, has been trending over the past weeks for her opinions regarding pregnancy termination. She repeatedly announced that she believes that all women have had one or two abortions in life, having had a few herself.

It began after her interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo where she first aired out her opinion about abortions, but she did not stop there. After facing backlash for saying all women have had abortions, she firmly stood her ground which did not sit well with Princess.

Princess then took to Twitter to call her out saying, “@unusualphyna, have your abortion in peace. Stop shoving it down our throats. If you want, abort all your unborn children; it’s your body. Your own guilt will kill you.”

However, Phyna clapped back stating that Princess was obsessing over her, reminding her that she was evicted from the reality TV show. Then followed a back and-forth between the reality TV stars on the micro blogging app

“If to say @Iamprincess__O used this energy for second chance maybe you for reach 7th week…………… na my mata go kill you” said Phyna.

To which Princess responded, “I’ll take my trophy for eviction. Take your trophy for abortions!!”

Despite the backlash from women, Phyna reiterated that any woman who has ingested a contraceptive pill has had an abortion before, a statement which she was quickly educated on and her tweet was deleted shortly after. Then the bitter exchange took a different turn when Phyna slut shamed her counterpart.

She said, “At least the world failed ape mouthed, Princess had the greatest engagement of her 2 times opportunist all thanks to your IDAN…. The mother that mothered your mother I’m sorry mama I’ve moved past traditional slut like you,” a statement to which Princess responded by calling her a barking dog.

This is not even the first time these two have gone back and forth on this issue. Similarly Princess called her out in January 2023 for publicly revealing that she had 2 abortions in her life.