A young Nigerian lady shares her experience after getting fired by a UK company shortly after creating a video discussing her new job online.

Akorede identified as @korrxss on TikTok, who had recently been hired by a company, revealed that she had not even commenced her first shift when she received the dismissal letter.

In a previous video, she proudly discussed her employment in the UK company and the associated social status.

Following her termination, Akorede questioned who might have forwarded the video to the company. She further reflected on the incident, considering it a valuable lesson about refraining from sharing positive news on the internet.

A Nigerian lady who just got employed in the UK was fired on her first day after posting video about her new job

“I got fired! Before I even did my first shift, I got fired. Someone must have sent the video cos I don’t know how they must have found it. I took that video after I attended my induction; I’ve not even attended my first shift.

“That was really sad. I learnt a really valuable lesson; don’t ever tell good news to people or the internet, keep it to yourself. Upon reflection, that was kind of a shitty video; I was just joking and was just excited,” she said in part.

Watch the video below …


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