Bingham University in Karu, Nasarawa State, celebrated its second nursing induction ceremony, welcoming 67 new graduates into the healthcare profession. This marks the university’s largest class of nurses yet, contributing valuable manpower to the nation’s healthcare sector.

The event, a significant milestone for the institution, saw the Provost of the College of Medicine and Health Science, Prof. Musa Dankyau, lauding the inductees for their dedication and exceptional performance throughout their studies. Representing Prof. Dankyau, Mrs. Lucy Idoko from the Medicine and Health Science Department, praised the commitment of the graduands and expressed gratitude to the university for its role in nurturing highly skilled nursing professionals.

“This induction ceremony marks a significant achievement for our institution. We attribute this success to God, and we are delighted to contribute more skilled professionals to the healthcare sector in our country,” stated Prof. Dankyau.

Encouraging the newly inducted nurses to uphold values of compassion, spirituality, and humility in their practice, Prof. Dankyau highlighted the immense possibilities and opportunities available to the graduates in their nursing careers. He expressed hope that their association with Bingham University would bring honour and distinction to their careers, regardless of their global practice locations.

The Provost also commended the parents of the inductees for their unwavering support, both morally and financially, throughout the duration of their wards’ studies.

 67 New Nurses in Bingham University were Inducts

Puis Ayuba, a member of the Nurses and Midwives Council of Nigeria, commended the university’s efforts in nurturing outstanding nursing professionals. Ayuba congratulated the inductees on their success and encouraged them to approach their roles with love, compassion, and a keen eye for delivering quality care to their patients.

Jessica Irumheson, awarded for her exemplary behaviour and leadership, shared her experiences, emphasising the challenges she faced and the determination required to succeed. She advised upcoming nursing students to remain focused, determined, and persistent in achieving their goals.

The ceremony, marked by enthusiasm and a sense of achievement, gathered faculty, staff, family members, and friends to celebrate the inductees’ accomplishments. It stood as a testament to their hard work, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the nursing profession. (NAN)