10 lessons employment can teach you

10 lessons employment can teach you

It’s everyone’s dream to have a source of income whether it is being self-employed or being employed by someone else.

As much as employment is a great way to meet your financial needs, it will open your eyes to certain struggles you didn’t think existed.

  • To make money, you need money: Though you get employed to be able to earn some income, you’ll find yourself needing a lot of money for your transport, for your food, and for your footwear.

It’s an irony that you work to get money just to spend all the money to be able to make more.

  • You hate Mondays more than you think: If your job is something you’re doing just to survive you’ll find that Mondays are more dreadful now than when you were unemployed.

It’s always hard to do something you don’t love no matter how easy it is.

  • Salaries are not sustainable: You go to work every day but you get paid once a month, you spend every day but still get paid once a month, making your salaries unable to sustain you throughout the month.
  • Even on payday, you can be broke: Because you get paid once a month but have daily needs, if you don’t discipline yourself, you’ll end up buying things on credit making you broke even before your salary comes.
  • Your dignity and peace of mind are more valuable than money: When you need the job very badly, you’ll write things like you can ‘work under pressure’ in your CV.

But once you land the job, you’ll realize how untrue that statement is.

If the job is taking away your peace of mind and disturbing your mental health, you’ll find yourself valuing things money can’t buy, like peace.

  • Thinking of new business ideas: When your salary is unable to pay your bills and keep you afloat, you’ll find yourself thinking of ways to make more money because to stay employed you need to have more money.
  • Health is wealth: It takes one breakdown to empty your bank account. You’ll end up spending everything you’ve worked hard to save on your prescriptions and hospital treatments.

This will make you know the importance of staying healthy.

  • Relaxation is important: If you don’t relax, you’ll get sick, and being sick will stress you financially.
  • You’ll sometimes conceal your employment status: This usually happens when you are surrounded by people who keep asking you for money.

You will begin to hide your employment status from these people just to avoid unnecessary billing.

  • Your parents are magicians: When you see how quickly the money comes and goes, you’ll begin to appreciate your parents more and understand that it wasn’t easy and they deserve all the accolades you can give them.

With all that being said, it doesn’t mean unemployment is a better option either, life is hard, you just have to know how to enjoy it while it lasts.